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The 2015 Tour series snare drum competition

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The prize

Win this superb In-Tense series 13" x 7" English ash & ovangkol snare worth £890 ($1,500), complete with a protection Racket AAA rigid case, & delivered priority air to your door anywhere in the world!


The In-Tense snare range all feature UK crafted ultra low mass bespoke aluminium lugs to allow the shell to reach it's full resonance potential, and what a shell!  In-Tense  English ash & ovangkol is one of our most expressive & open shell constructions. That's why we've chosen it as the prize for a competition that's all about expression.


Comes fitted with bespoke fine thread stainless steel tension screws, Evans Heads, and Puresound wires.



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The competition

We want you to submit a video of around 1 minute duration, performing your own composition on a snare drum.  We're not interested in blazing stick technique or "impressive", we want to see how creative you can be with a variety of sounds from your snare drum.  Think snares off, snares on, cross stick, rim shots, etc.  All presented with as much dynamic variation & expression as you can.  The performance can be solo snare, or snare with kit, or additional percussion.  It can be groove or solo based, but in all cases, must centre on the range of sounds & textures you can pull from your snare drum.


If you're thinking you might not be good enough to enter, or you're thinking other players will be so much better than you - please read on!  This is not your usual drumming competition.  It's designed to be very inclusive, and players of all levels stand a chance of winning.

Judging criteria

We don't care if your drum cost $1 from a yard sale, or your video was recorded on a mobile phone, or you have no idea how to play a double stroke roll, if you're creative with what you have, you stand an equal chance of winning this.  Judges will be looking for the most creative & musical use of different sounds/tone/textures you can get from your snare drum.  It's not about chops, it's about putting a smile on the judge's faces.


Judges will divide video submissions into 5 groups:


Under 16

Beginner (playing for less than 5 years)

Experienced hobbyist

Semi professional



The video that the panel of judges decide is the best in each category, will be placed forward to the final random draw at the Manchester Drum Show, Sunday June the 8th.

How to enter

Step 1/  Tiltle your video "Guru Drums In-Tense snare competition", and upload your video to either Youtube or Vimeo. 

Step 2/                Go to the contact page on this site, and send us an email with the subject "snare competition", and with the following details:


a/  Your name

b/  Where you live (your country will be sufficient)

c/  Your player category (under 16 / beginner / experienced hobbyist / semi professional / professional)

d/  The link to your video


Entries must be received by Sunday 1st of June latest! 


1/  Video submissions must be previously unpublished & created specifically for this competition.

2/  Videos should be around 1 minute in duration, but must not exceed 1.5 minutes long.

3/  Entries from players who have a formal marketing or endorsement arrangement with a drum company are not permitted.

4/  Video/audio quality does not influence judges decisions, but the audio must be clear & without distortion.

5/  Consistent with Guru Drums official video presentations, processing / editing / use of effects and/or EQ are not allowed.

6/  By entering, you agree that if yours is the winning video, it can be shown on our Facebook page, our website, & in other media as we see fit.

7/  Use of backing tracks or reproduction of copywritten works is not permitted.

8/  If you win, & if requested, you agree to send us another video of your performance featuring your new Guru drum, & that video to be used on our            website, our social media streams, & other media as we see fit.

9/  If you win, we will pay for all shipping/packaging charges to your door, but you will be responsible for any local taxes or importation duties that may          apply.  Additionally, if you require specific insurance for the shipment, that cost will be down to you.

10/ We reserve the right to substitute the competition prize with an alternative construction drum of equal value at any time.

11/ There is no cash equivilent to the prize.