The 2015 Tour series snare drum competition
The competition

With the kind cooperation & patronage of Guru friend Yolanda Charles, along with co-sponsors Evans heads, we're bringing you one hell of a competition this year! Let's be honest, playing along with Yolanda's bass grooves is every drummers's dream gig - well here's your chance!  Yolanda has kindly provided a drumless version (minus lead vocal too) of her track "Are You Ready" from her superb album "The Deep MO - Funk in the 3rd Quarter".  We're asking you to download the drumless track, & submit a video of you playing along.  There's 4 entry level categories to give players of all abilities an equal chance of winning. Here's a link to the original track, but be sure to bring your own flavour to the table!  While you're visiting, why not buy the album - old school deep funk at it's absolute best!

The Judging process

There's three elements to the judging this year.  At the end of the competition, the best 3 entries in each category will be chosen by the Guru team, and put forward for final judging.  Additionally, a 4th entry in each category will automatically go through to final judging based on the number of votes received.  The winners in each category will then be chosen by Yolanda, & the eventual first prize winner will be selected by a live draw at the Manchester Drum Show on the 17th of May.

The Judging criteria

Of course, we approach each category with different expectations, but in addition to the expected foundation elements, we're taking very much a musical approach. Groove, dynamics, & interesting interpretation will all feature highly.  Video and / or audio quality are not taken into consideration, but may offer a clearer appreciation of your playing.

The prizes!

First prize is this superb Tour series solid zebrano 13" x 7" snare, complete with case, & delivered to your home anywhere in the world (within reason).  For more information on the new Tour series zebrano range, please visit the Tour series page on this site.

The winners of each category will receive a superb Evans snare kit, delivered to you courtesy of Evan's worldwide distribution network.  We fit Evans heads and Puresound wires as standard on all Guru drums,  There's a reason for that.  We want the best drums in the world to sound their best, & Evans offer the tonal + physical consistency we demand.

Entry categories

Please find the 4 entry categories listed below.  Please be honest, & submit your entry in the category that best describes your situation & experience.


Category 1 - Players with less than 3 years playing experience, or any player under 14 years of age.


Category 2 - Enthusiastic amateurs of any age & experience.


Category 3 - Semi professionals.  Players at an advanced level who earn at least a portion of their income from playing drums.


Category 4 - Professional.  Full time players exclusively earning a living from playing drums.

How to enter

Step 1 -  Click on the appropriate sound file, & download it to your computer.  We've included both mp3 & higher quality aif files for you to choose from.  There's full length track versions, & also a suggested shorter version for those entering in category 1 or 2, although you're free to play the full track if you choose.  Entrants in category 3 & 4 are expected to play the full track.


Step 2 - Upload your video to Youtube.  You can enter up to 3 different videos if you wish, but bear in mind that only the vote for each video is calculated.


Step 3 - Copy & paste your Youtube video URL, category of entry, and email address into the entry portal below.  You can also enter via our Facebook page.


Step 4 - Voting!  Be sure to share the voting link with your friends & contacts to get more votes for your entry. It's not essential, as the top 3 places in each category will be judged purely on merit, but it may help you get into the final 4!  Additionally, the earlier you submit your entry, the greater exposure to voting views you'll achieve.  Please "like" our page when prompted.  Voting is then via the "like" button with each video.


1/ Entries must be received by Monday 4th of May at 6:00PM GMT.  This is the end of the competition & voting.  The entry & voting portal will close               automatically at this time.


2/ Entries are not eligible from anyone associated with Guru Drums Ltd in a formal capacity.  Existing Guru customers are more than welcome to enter.


3/ Entries are permitted from professional players who currently endorse other brands of drums, but should pay particular attention to rule 4.


4/ By entering, you agree that, exclusively in relation to the competition, your video can be shown, & your name used on our Facebook page, our website,     & in other media.  No endorsement or sponsorship is offered or implied by either party.


5/ We reserve the right to substitute the competition prize with an alternative construction drum of equal value at any time.  Should that occur, of                 course, there would be a full consultation taking the winner's preferences into account.


6/ There is no cash equivilent to the prizes offered.


7/ All entries must carry the Youtube title "Guru snare competition 2015" and be free from overt displays of branding other than the sponsors of this               competition.  Example: Usual manufacturer's specification badging of drums (including bass drum head) is fine.  A bass drum head with significant             added branding, wall posters, apparel, is not.